July – It’s time for change

You may have been wondering what has been holding up the newsletter it is a little late this month because the news is very important.

A lot of you out there reading this have walked a very long road with ABC Direct Express and for this I am extremely grateful, so bear with me and let me start at the beginning.

I am originally from Wales and have been in South Africa for 21 years for 18 of those I have been running and growing ABC Direct Express and have loved every minute of it.  Christmas 2014 the boys and I went home to spend time with my family all of whom are based in South Wales and for the first time ever started to consider that I was living at the wrong end of the planet, away from that family.  I took six months to think about it and see if I still felt the same, which I did, so the decision was made to return to Wales; so I then had to set about what to do with ABC Direct Express.

I considered many different options, all of which lead me to the same conclusion that ABC would slowly wind down, we would lose our name and the reputation that myself and my time-for-changestaff have strived so hard to build.  So after quite a few false starts I finally found the right fit to take over ABC, a group of gentlemen who are hands on in their business and who have the scope and vision to take what I have started and make it even better.

From 01 August ABC Direct Express will be part of the NightwinG group of companies. Their story is much like ABC Direct Express’ and I encourage you all to go and visit their website www.NightwinGCouriers.com and read up on this dynamic company. Over the last couple of months working with Mark Wyllie CEO, Ian Colyn MD and Paul Badenhorst Director, I have come to see that they, much like me are, are hands on and involved with both their clients and staff.  ALL ABC DIRECT EXPRESS STAFF will join NightwinG in the journey forward, so you will still speak to the same people email the same addresses and dial the same telephone number 0860222334, use the same waybills and bags externally not a lot will change to start with. The aim of everyone involved is that this change will cause no disruption to any of the clients.

The benefits for you with ABC Direct Express joining the NightwinG Group will be:

  • a much broader network to all areas in South Africa, with an extensive outlying network
  • a bigger fleet of vehicles available to do the work required in the major centres
  • pricing will remain the same
  • ability to do online collection booking, including personalisation of waybills and printing ability
  • proven ability with in-house operations at their existing clients
  • warehousing, storage and distribution
  • international shipments

NightwinG Logo (White Back Round)


As you can see all around this will be a positive move for all ABC Direct Express clients, the first initial change will be a change in banking details for the company, these will bemessaged through to you all in August.  Our offices will also be moving in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, to co-locate with NigtwinG, new address details will be forwarded as this occurs.

I have attempted to get around to as many of you as I can personally and to those I have not made it too please excuse me I am one person and there are now an awful lot of ABC Direct Express clients, Paul, Mark and Ian will be calling on those of you we have not made it to yet.

Fuel surcharge: 

Now for the more normal ABC Direct Express news, the fuel surcharge for July is steady at 3% there was a R0.08 up on the previous month bringing the price per litre to R13.34 which is R0.72 above the base price of R12.62 for more information please go to the website www.abcdirectexpress.co.za

Important Moments at ABC:

Birthdays: Some staff have birthdays in July 03/07 Anesh Ramadar Branch manager Durban; 22/07 Terrance Tanya Driver CPT. Happy Birthday to you both!

Work anniversaries: 01/07 Xolelwa Mbutuma (Precious) Ops CPT 10 years; 03/07 Charlotte Laubscher Reception CPT 2 years; well-done guys.

So for me and my boys it’s off to new adventures, we’re leaving mid-August if you need to connect or speak to me before then I am on my normal email gillian@abcdirectexpress.co.za and 0845146380 I do not have the words to say thank you properly to each and every one of you for entrusting us with your work and allowing us to grow the business over the years.  Please trust me that I have found the perfect home for you all in NightwinG they are going to take excellent care of you all.

Time for change

Yours as ever

Gillian Boshoff