June – It’s all in the details.

Fuel surcharge: 

Due to new rates which were published effective the 01 May 2016 we have a new base price for fuel which is R12.62. We charge 1% for every R0.25 per litre or part thereof above that price.  The price per litre in June 2016 is R13.26 so we have a 3% fuel surcharge for June 16.

Attention, It’s all in the details: 

attention-to-detailIn most things in life if its done correctly first time it can save lots of headaches down the line. Unfortunately for most of us the first thing we “ditch” when there is pressure on is attention to details.  I often hear our collections agents struggling with only being given part details when it comes to collections, and 9 out of 10 times this will be fine, but we work in an industry that is not tolerant of the 1 out of 10 times it goes wrong.  So pretty please from our side make sure you give us full details when booking your collections, even if it is exactly the same as we collected the day before. Routine can often seem like a killer but in this industry dotting the i’s and crossing he t’s saves a lot of stress all around.

Important Moments at ABC

Staff updates: Stuart Austin has moved onto new pastures and we wish him all the best of luck.  If you need any assistance with International quotes you can contact Jacobus Julies on int@abcdirectexpress.co.za.

Work anniversaries: 01/06 Paula Repko Ops CPT 1 yr and Joseph Matakana Drv CPT 1 yr, thank you both for your hard work.

Birthdays: Happy birthdays to  Paula Repko OPS (09/06) CPT; Eliah Chironga SALES (12/06) JNB; Gillian Boshoff MD (15/06)

On a personal note: 

Well we went to Croatia and danced and won!!!

It's all in the details

I was so blown away by the talent and confidence of all of the 5500 competitors at Dance Star – World Dance Masters competition.  This was the first time that Tomos had competed in an international competition in fact he and his dance partner Tieado have only been dancing together for 12 months. I did not expect them to win they were in a category against 12 other crews and they were all brilliant.  But the judges saw a winning combination and they are crowned “world champs!”  The confidence something like this competition gives to all the children who took part is amazing.  As soon as I have the proper video of his performance I will po
st it on our FaceBook page and tweet it via our Twitter account.

As for Croatia what a lovely country, clean, tidy, easy to get around the people are all super friendly and not a fast food restaurant to be seen anywhere.  Highly recommend it for a holiday and with an exchange rate of R2.5 to the Kuna it does not hurt quite as much as going to a euro based country.

Have a great June and if you need anything couriered give us a call 0860 222 33 4.


Gillian Boshoff