Road freight

For collections Monday to Friday please advise any major centre collections no later than 15h00 and outlying areas no later than 12h00 to ensure collection that same day.

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Major Centres

Bloemfontein, Cape Town, Durban, East London, George, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Port Elizabeth & Pretoria

Any place that is not listed as a major centre will be charged and serviced as an outlying area, if you need clarity on an area and its service times and charges please contact us for more information.

Booking collections

All national courier collections must be sent through to us no later than 15:00 for collection by 17:00, if you are closing before 17:00 then let us know earlier, rule of thumb give us 2 hours before you close to give us enough time to route a driver to you. Please note that if you know you will have a collection for 16:00 and you are closing at 17:00 you can book this early in the morning it allows us to start planning our drivers. Collections can be given to us either telephonically 0860 222334 ask for the collections department, via email or on this website click the collections link. We send back a confirmation email with a collection booking number on it, if you don’t receive that email there is a good chance that we have not for whatever reason received your email please contact us if you have not received your confirmation. All Roadfrieght collections must be booked by 12:00, depending on the size of the load if we will collect that day. If you ask us to collect after 17:00 afterhours charges will apply if we ask to collect after 17:00 they don’t apply. If no service is marked on a waybill and we have not been given any instruction on how to move the waybill it will be handled and charged as a 10h30 service.

After Hours Charges

At ABC Direct Express we offer a 24hr 7 day a week 362 days of the year service (we are closed Christmas, boxing day & new year’s day). Whenever needed we will do our best to facilitate an after-hours collection or delivery. If you need us to collect or deliver after 17:00 and before 08:00 Mon – Friday, after 13:00 Saturday or on a Sunday you will be charged and afterhours surcharge please consult your rates for the applicable fees. All public holidays are billed as afterhours.

Saturday Deliveries

Should you require a collection or delivery on a Saturday prior to 13:00 if possible we will fulfil this for you. Please note that when you book an overnight delivery on a Friday the next delivery day will be the Monday. If you want a delivery on the Saturday you need to make arrangements for this and Saturday surcharge will be billed as per your rates tariffs.

Redelivery / attempted collection charges

Should we be unable to collect / deliver your consignment due to:

– Incorrect address
– Consignment not ready to collect
– Nobody available to sign for consignment
– Nobody at delivery address willing to accept the consignment

We will return the consignment to the nearest hub and then inform you either via email or telephone that we have been unable to collect / deliver.
Once you have that information you need to inform us what to do. An attempted delivery / collection charge will be applied to the failed consignment and we will bill re-delivery charges to go back. At ABC Direct Express we are pro-active about this and do our best to confirm all collections before we send our drivers through, on the whole this just saves everyone time and money. Re-delivery charges will appear on your invoice under the same waybill number.

Fuel Surcharge

At ABC Direct Express every April when we are busy calculating the most cost effective rates for our clients we have to factor fuel in as a cost. Each year we set the base price for fuel currently it is R14.39 and we charge 1% fuel surcharge for every R0.25 above this price. We publish our fuel surcharge in our monthly newsletter and on Facebook please go to our social media page for more information. In our industry companies are charging anywhere from 20-50% as a fuel surcharge and most of them can’t tell you how they calculate it. When you do compare rates make sure you include the fuel surcharge as what you are given as a rate is very different from what you will get on your invoice.


ABC Direct Express offers R1500.00 cover per waybill that is sent through our hands at a charge of R5.50, should you require additional insurance you will need to organise this at time of collection and we will need a copy of the invoice supporting what you are sending. ABC Direct Express reserves the right to inspect insured goods and to check to make sure they are properly packaged for transit. Additional insurance is charged at 0.5% of the value of the goods. If you choose not to insure your consignments then they are not covered for any damage, loss or theft that may occur.


ABC Direct Express has a range of vehicles for different jobs all ABC vehicles are on constant satellite tracking and we push all collections and deliveries straight to a GPS in the drivers cab, this allow us to know what is going on at any given time, our clients are all GPS on our system making us much more efficient no more drivers spending 30 min trying to find an address.

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